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Our Mission

Most portfolio managers and traders don’t realize how much of their trading costs they could save with highly sophisticated trading algorithms. We can significantly reduce costs with iterative measurement and a systematic, quantitative approach to execution that matches each customer’s unique goals with appropriate implementation.

We aim to increase your returns, providing the next generation of algorithms to access the liquidity you need, while minimizing your trading cost and information leakage for all asset classes in all markets. Our exclusive focus is to deliver the best execution experience to our customers with transparency, privacy, and simplified workflow in an unconflicted, broker-dealer neutral approach.

BestEx Research serves buy-side firms who want to reduce their trading costs, as well as sell-side firms who want to improve their customers’ costs and experiences.

Our Development


Following two decades of experience designing, implementing, and measuring execution algorithms at ITG and AQR, Hitesh Mittal founds BestEx Research to provide research-driven, high-performance execution algorithms for all regions and asset classes


BestEx Research launches execution algorithms for US equities

BestEx Research announces Series A financing


BestEx Research launches execution algorithms for global futures trading

BestEx Research launches platform for trading Canadian equities

February 2022

BestEx Research expands global futures offering to include four new exchanges and crypto products

July 2022

BestEx Research launches Strategy Studio to provide no-code algo customization, A/B testing, and automation tools for buy- and sell-side clients

BestEx Research wins Best Algorithmic Trading Provider in the Waters Rankings

November 2022

BestEx Research wins Best Buy-Side Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tool in Waters Technology's Buy-Side Technology Awards

Our Leadership Team

What our clients say

BestEx Research built its model for the U.S. futures market last year and has expanded based on “client demand,” founder and Chief Executive Officer Hitesh Mittal said in an interview. “Overall and over time, we want to be the Amazon of algorithmic trading,” he said.

BestEx Research Expands Futures Offering Abroad, Adds Crypto Bloomberg, January 2021

BestEx Research will be added to the ScotiaRED service, which O’Hea said is used by “multiple hundreds” of clients, including pension, hedge and mutual funds.

Scotiabank to Add BestEx Research for Canadian Equity Algorithmic Trading Bloomberg, December 2021

A Wall Street insider has published a report that could upend conventional thinking about payment for order flow, the controversial practice that helped Robinhood grow explosively on its way to an initial public offering. After tracking the controversy over trading in GameStop this winter, Hitesh Mittal, the founder of BestEx Research, used his expertise from working at one of the world's largest hedge funds and consulting with institutional clients to analyze recent trades. His report, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Payment for Order Flow," undermines claims made by market makers and Robinhood's defenders on Wall Street and Sand Hill Road, and could help critics seeking to build a case for banning the payments market makers send to retail brokers for directing trades to them, as market regulators in the U.K., Australia and Canada already have.

A Wall Street insider debunks Robinhood’s payment for order flow myths Protocol, May 2021

A recent paper from BestEx Research said price improvement on retail market orders averaged about 25 per cent, compared with the standard benchmark. But the paper added that this in reality was “akin to getting a 30 per cent discount on an item after the shopkeeper raises the price by 40 per cent,” because the benchmark covers only a small slice of the market.

Retail trading frenzy reflects ‘broken’ US equity markets, says XTX’s Gerko Financial Times, June 2021

Mittal said his paper, which is designed to dispel myths about SDPs, has caused a bit of a stir in the industry. “It’s tough to be one of the only firms talking about these issues because these are well entrenched businesses,” he told II.

These Market Makers May Collect Data on Trades and Create Information Leakage, Argues New Report Institutional Investor, April 2022

A recent report from BestEx Research titled The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About Payment For Order Flow suggests that there is some benefit—in terms of lower order price—from payment from order flow (PFOF) to retail customers.

Robinhood: The $30 Billion Cockroach Of Fintech Forbes, July 2021